From the world of luxury to contemporary art

A native of Senegal – where he returns regularly –, Bamba lives and works in Paris and throughout the world.
A photographer active in the fashion, advertising and luxury hotel industries, he embarked upon a visual art project five years ago: "ARTEXTURES".  


I have always photographed what has unexpectedly implored my eyes to capture it. Dilapidated walls, torn posters, faded graffiti... Everyone sees such things, but no one looks at them anymore. Nevertheless, by persisting, each vestige of the past tells the story of a group of human beings who once lived there. Time has deposited their hopes, hardship and disillusionment in successive strata. These relics are testimonials.

Bamba Sourang.



Bamba frames these vestiges – these fragments – with his lens, in order to transmute them into works of art. He brings them to life and into view to reveal himself, in turn, as an active witness torn between melancholy and optimism. 



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